Dystopian action shooter is coming to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC later that year from Good Shepherd Entertainment and independent developer SuperScarySnakes

80s synth punk retro dystopia

A lot happened in 1988: Mikhail Gorbatschow visits New York, the leading index DAX is introduced on the German stock exchange and the first “real” computer worm paralyzes around ten percent of the Internet. Even worse: Synth-Punk-Rockers experience the year in an alternative world over and over again. In the retro-like video game "Black Future 1988" the past is the future. Players are led into a ceaseless battle against murderous robots, nasty killers and powerful bosses - to seek revenge on the man who destroyed the world. Black Future 1988 is constantly evolving - and doing everything possible to kill all challengers. As one of the last survivors of the nuclear disaster, players climb a procedurally generated tower - full of lasers, fire and steel.


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The only way to crush the target (before your heart explodes) is by clever strategic choice and combining dozen of unique buffs and curses. Players choose from multiple characters with a huge arsenal of weapons and powers - and shoot, slash and fight their way through whatever stands between them and the way to the top.

You experience this nightmarish, neon-lit retro dystopia either alone or with a friend in a local two-player co-op (on the same switch with two Joy-Cons) - or you measure your courage with other players by taking special, daily ones Challenges to climb the global leaderboard.

Black Future 1988 will be released on Windows PC this year, and also exclusively for Nintendo Switch on the console. More information at www.GoodShepherd.games.

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