Italian publisher 505 Games has announced that 2D action-adventure game Terraria is now available at retail for the Nintendo Switch. 505 Games specifies the cost of the physical version as 29.99 euros. The 2D adventure game, which was already developed by Re-Logic in 2011, continues its sales success. "Terraria" runs on the Nintendo Switch in the current version 1.3, i.e. with all the content of the previous PC and console version.

The pixelated open-world video game Terraria is a success in its own right. First published in 2011, the title sold around two million copies in the first two years. Players explore an open, mostly randomly generated game world. All tasks that players do are rather optional: what open-world fans do with their characters is up to them. At its core is equipping and upgrading your own character and mining resources in order to reach the various game environments and kill bosses.

Terraria for Nintendo Switch: Of course with touch controls

The porting for Nintendo Switch has taken over the development studio Pipework Studio. After the release of Terraria for mobile devices, the implementation for Ninteno Switch also relies on intuitive touch operability. Version 1.3 of the switch variant makes its debut with an adapted control: the touchscreen support is intended to enable quick menu navigation and more sensitivity when building, digging and fighting. Two Joy-Con controllers are required per player.

Players discover a variety of different biomes as the game progresses. Image: 505 Games

Players discover a variety of different biomes as the game progresses. Image: 505 Games

The Nintendo Switch version supports multiplayer games with up to eight players. An active subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service is mandatory for online play. Players attack more than 300 types of enemies in Terraria, including over 20 bosses. Additional events put the player's skills to the test. The endgame event Heavenly Invasion and the final boss battle with the Moonlord are included. More than 20 biomes and mini-biomes are waiting to be explored - both on the surface and underground. 

A new expert mode is supposed to offer even experienced veterans challenges for which bigger rewards await. An updated production system with new object options was also implemented. Over 20 NPCs are included, each with their own perks and styles.


And if it should get boring: There are over 800 new objects to discover - in total that is now more than 3.500. The Switch version of Terraria also relies on deep building possibilities that are easy to learn, but enable amazing architectural works in skilled hands.

Revised mobile version as well

In addition, DR Studios and Re-Logic today announced a new free update 1.3 for mobile gamers, in which every pixel has been carefully redesigned for the best possible mobile experience. Brand new controls and a redesigned user interface give the game unprecedented polish and unprecedented possibilities. In multiplayer mode, up to 7 friends can now play together on local Wi-Fi or online, and new world giants are available - the same as in the PC version of Terraria. In addition, the update contains huge amounts of content from the 1.3 update described above.

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