After a little record-breaking Christmas business, the success of the survival shooter "Apex Legends" should take an enormous burden off the shoulders of those responsible at Electronic Arts. The Battle Royale game is setting out to break records - even leaving its competitor Fortnite behind: it had reached the 10 million player mark after two weeks. Apex Legends achieves this after just 72 hours. Around 25 million players worldwide are now playing the shooter, which was developed by Respawn Entertainment, and the trend is rising.

Millions are playing at the same time

With many games, the developers are happy when several thousand gamers are on the online servers at the same time. At Apex Legends, a proud two million players cavorted on the Battle Royale maps at the same time. Impressive figures, which apparently also reassure investors. After a sharp drop in prices, the share of the publisher Electronic Arts recorded double-digit growth - and that was solely due to the promising number of players from Apex Legends. There have been no reports of the game's monetary successes to date.

Hunter with Raven: Each legend has unique abilities. Image: Electronic Arts
Awakened hunting instinct: Each legend has unique abilities. Image: Electronic Arts

Apex Legends cracked the million mark after around eight hours, and 10 million players were active after 72 hours. One week after the release, the Battle Royale game is now at 25 million - and easily surpasses the already terrific results of the competitor Fortnite. Of course, Apex Legends cannot compete with the absolute number of players in Epics Shooter: Fortnite is played by around 200 million players worldwide, with over eight million fans at the same time.

So Apex Legends has to and will continue to catch up. In any case, ideas for future game content seem abundant, including possible new cards, as long as they are fun for the players. According to Respawn studio boss Vince Zampella, he is right at the top.

Larger maps for Apex Legends could come as long as they provide enough fun. Image: Electronic Arts
Larger maps for Apex Legends could come as long as they provide enough fun. Image: Electronic Arts

The shooter, whose setting is based on the world of Titanfall 2, will be expanded to include additional new content this year. That's for sure. Eectronic Arts has already published a roadmap for upcoming innovations. Apex Legends is also divided into different seasons, each of which lasts around three months. Of course, each new season brings new legends, new equipment and new achievements.

The first season of Apex Legends will definitely start in March 2019, the second - if the schedule is followed - in June. At the same time, a "Battle Pass" will be introduced with the start of the seasonal concept, the price of which has not yet been determined. Game-influencing equipment should not exist for Battle Pass holders, but cosmetic items should. The basic idea is to support Apex Legends Service-Game in the long term. It remains to be seen whether that will be the period of the ten years announced at the first presentation.

The shooter is available for free as a free-2-play game with the basic content. As is usual with such titles, players can make in-game purchases for real money, for example to buy weapon skins or unlock additional legends faster. Payment is made with Apex Legends Coins*, of which 1.000 currently cost 9.99 euros.

Apex Legends is playable on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. More information about the battle royale shooter is also available at

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