The board game Zug um Zug Europa is celebrating an anniversary: ​​the title appeared around 15 years ago, and Days of Wonder is now considering a limited edition for collectors. Ticket to Ride Europe means for players a journey to the most beautiful places between Paris and Moscow - from Big Ben to the towering arches of the Colosseum, the glowing onion domes to the Eiffel Tower.

In order to do justice to collectors, the limited edition not only contains the standard game material, but also comes in a significantly enlarged version. A changed title - the anniversary edition is called Ticket to Ride Europe: 15 Years Edition - makes it clear to everyone: This is where the luxury edition is usually!

"Hard to believe that it was 15 years ago"

The new edition is a standalone game for two to five players and is therefore not only aimed at collectors, but also at beginners who have not yet owned the game. A game lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The play box of the jubilation edition contains a huge game board of the European train routes with new illustrations, five metal boxes with 45 modeled wagons each, 15 colored stations, five scoring markers, the rulebook, 110 wagon cards, all 108 destination cards published so far, a Europa Express bonus card and a reference map for large cities.

"We hope you will have another 15 years of fun."
Alan R. Moon, author

The equipment of the extended version of Ticket to Ride Europe is no less than luxurious. The board game remains basically untouched and continues to offer train adventures for families and friends. A lot has changed, primarily visually, including the central play elements: the trains and stations. With finely detailed plastic trains and stations, which are delivered in high-quality metal boxes, and new illustrations, the game has been spiced up and expanded with all previously designed target cards. “This deluxe version is the ultimate edition of the classic Ticket to Ride Europe”, says Days of Wonder.

“It's hard to believe that it was 15 years ago. Step by step Europe still looks so fresh and young. But this version has grown, both in size and in the many new target cards that create endless opportunities to experience the game in a new way, ”says author Alan R. Moon. He is the designer of the game. "The new cars and stations and new graphics make the game look absolutely stunning when it's on the table."

The collector's edition has been optically upgraded. Image: Days of Wonder

The collector's edition has been optically upgraded. Image: Days of Wonder

How popular the board game is is shown not least by the countless localizations. The anniversary edition of Ticket to Ride Euro will be available in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Brazilian, Japanese, Russian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Portuguese , Czech, Slovak and Traditional Chinese.

The board game should be available in Europe and North America in spring 2021 at a recommended retail price of 99,99 euros.

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Ticket to Ride New York Ticket to Ride New York * 74,97 EUR


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