In the anniversary year of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware will re-release all classic cinematic trailers in improved quality. The film snippet “Deceived” from 2009 now makes the beginning.

The developers will celebrate the milestone anniversary for a whole year. After all, for ten years now, fans have been able to pass the time in the currently only Star Wars MMORPG - disregarding Star Wars Galaxies on fan servers. Bioware will kick off the celebrations with the new Legacy of the Sith expansion.

One year long intergalactic party

Legacy of the Sith sends players to the far corners of the galaxy. Much more exciting than that: With the new combat class system, players can personalize their characters. This means that there will be more options than ever before to adapt the play style to your own preferences.

A lot has happened in Star Wars: The Old Republic in the ten years. Heroes and villains were made, the Hutten cartel rose and fell, Revan made his grand entrance, and the story of the Eternal Throne delighted and bored players alike. Meanwhile, a fight against a common enemy is under way - and with Legacy of the Sith the story continues in a new chapter.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was released on December 20, 2011, the MMORPG had been announced three years earlier. Surprisingly, SWTOR is only the second Star Wars MMO ever, alongside the now discontinued Star Wars: Galaxies. In the meantime, SWTOR has been declared dead again and again, and there never was a server shutdown. The MMORPG has recovered over the years - and seems to be better than ever before. It is still special thanks to its unique class stories, and the switch to a free-2play system did not harm the game, contrary to initial criticism. On the contrary: The community is active and will probably become even more active with the release of the new expansion.

Now Bioware is back with the classic deceived trailer - in 4K optics. Watching the old movie again is worth it. There is a spark of nostalgia:

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