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Disney Lorcana: Official sales start is imminent

The full trading start of Disney Lorcan starts on September 1st - from then on Ravensburger's new trading card game will be available to buy everywhere...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Strategy game Star Trek: Infinite is coming soon

Paradox Interactive and Nimble Giant Entertainment announced today that their upcoming strategy game Star Trek: Infinite, licensed by Paramount Consumer...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Magic the Gathering: Sad news for fans

Almost every fan of Magic - The Gathering knows the Commander format. It is currently the most popular playing style of the trading card game....

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Starfield: A lot of things look like the top game we were hoping for

Starfield goes into early access tonight - it is Bethesda's first new brand in around a quarter of a century....

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Xbox Game Studios: Quality over quantity

Microsoft Xbox is often criticized for the low performance of its first-party titles. The Xbox Studios deliver -...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Board game “Rabbit” in the Spieleschmiede: enclosure clutch

Kobold Spieleverlag would like to publish Rabbit (original English title: Coney), the next board game by the author of Hennen in German. For the...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

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Asmodee’s board game warehouse: “No competition with specialist retailers”

Sales giant Asmodee has opened a temporary board game shop in the middle of Essen's shopping mile. The publisher attracts customers with “selected promotional items” at low prices. Which is good for fans...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman
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